Job Opportunities

About TekPro “Let us be your  IT”:
TekPro Solutions was founded to provide small and mid-sized businesses with competent, high quality, cost effective, technology service and support.  Established in 2003, we are the IT Department for business who don’t need full-time IT.  This includes project management, network administration, desktop support/repair, virus removal and prevention, network security, phone administration and more.

TekPro is seeking someone who is an excellent communicator, designer, and support provider. That means at least 5 years of general system administration skills, Windows server skills, firewall skills, expert knowledge of desktop operating systems and the good sense to understand that some days even smart people like you have to crawl under desks to plug LAN cables back in.  You must like to meet new people, and you like to fix things you didn’t break.  You can think of three metaphors or other ways to explain a complex technical concept to a layperson, and you naturally check in with them to make sure you haven’t lost them.  You are confident in your abilities to solve problems on your own, ask for help when you need it and do whatever it takes to get the job done.  You know how to go the extra mile when that’s what it takes to give excellent service.  You must have excellent verbal and written skills to do this job.  You need to be the kind of person that people like to have around.  It doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor and a strong desire to help people. 

You must have the passion to make a small company great, to work independently managing a range of customers and technical situations.  You will not get paid for drive time and research into software/hardware that you are not yet familiar with. You will be a 1099 employee and must sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement. Most clients are located downtown Minneapolis and in the South and Southwest and west Metro area.

Duties include:

  • Complete projects at client sites in a thorough and timely manner, to the expectations of our clients
  • Design, install, monitor, and maintain client networks from simple single-server environments to complex, multi-server, multi-site networks.
  • Resolve client issues as needed.
  • Attend all service appointments on-time, with focus on providing quality client service.
  • Submit detailed records in a timely manner (time schedules, reports, etc).
  • Identify and escalate business and technical challenges as appropriate.
  • Keep accurate, timely and thorough client site documentation.
  • Available for on-call and emergency response as needed.
  • Identify and recommend improvement opportunities that are consistent with client needs
  • Identify and escalate business and technical opportunities as appropriate
  • Extended hours, off- hour, or weekend work as required.

Experience Requirements:

  • 4+ years of hands -on experience in systems administration, troubleshooting and deployment; managing multiple Windows servers in diverse environments
  • Experience building maintaining and troubleshooting the MS Exchange Server and Active Directory environments, Terminal Services and related tools.
  • Experience in Network security, settings up site-to-site vpn’s and client-to-site vpn’s (Cisco and Multitech experience, a plus).
  • Production use and support of current and older versions of Symantec Anti- Virus Corporate Edition and Symantec/Veritas Backup Exec.
  • Understanding of IP networks and IP addressing
  • Knowledge of POP, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, VLANs and routing
  • Experience with Blackberries & iPhones (Blackberry Enterprise Server).
  • Storage System skills (SCSI, RAID, SATA, with SAN a plus).
  • Network Management (switches, hubs, fiber-optic, packet sniffing)
  • Familiarity with Cabling, CAT5/6 Ethernet.
  • Ability to diagnose and fix issues with Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of telephone systems and VoIP a plus
  • These would be a plus: Mac, VMWare

Your Soft Skills

  • Ability to speak about technical topics without technical jargon
  • Excellent customer service and customer management skills (Can you question users to identify true        problems, not just those presented?)
  • Excellent detail-oriented multi-tasker
  • Ability to manage the technical aspects of a project from pre-sales to completion
  • Project planning and network design
  • Ability to complete projects on time
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Professional appearance
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism with customers, vendors, and staff
  • Some lifting required as we wrestle servers/computers into place

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